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Simpfly EFB Omni™ solution was designed with the startups and small operators in mind. We streamline your Flight Operations by implementing EFBs to your fleet and managing them on your behalf, through a continuous remote support.

Once your airline gets on-board of our innovative solution, Simpfly becomes part of your airline structure: you only need to assign a point of contact (such as DFO) and we take care of the rest.

Airline structure with Simpfly
Flight Operations Engineering tasks

Your daily operation will mature as an EFB-driven operation with confidence, as Simpfly takes care of all IT and Flight Operations Engineering tasks related to your EFB needed to assure your pilots have access to up-to-date data for a safe and compliant flight.

Get our white paper for detailed information on how (and how much) you will be able to save by adopting our EFB Omni™ solution.

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EFB Omni White Paper


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