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we are a global company


Our team is distributed around the globe for an efficient worldwide, 24/7 support coverage.

You can always count with Simpfly team, no matter what.


We were born with a simple vision: apply a strong know-how in the aviation industry to streamline Flight Operations processes, so even small operators and startup airlines can enjoy the best solutions and practices combined together, without hurting their pockets.


Our extensive previous experience working for manufacturers, airlines and service providers, and a constant follow-up with industry trends, gives us the ability to provide you not only the best solutions available, but in a total hassle free setup.

You fly. We take care of the rest.

And how we do that? Through our 4 pillars.


Full support: from setup to day-to-day tasks, through a dedicated and remote team of experienced engineers, you are fully covered. No more "it's under operator's responsibility to" terms.

100% Digital: a paperless operation is no longer a trend, but a necessity. Our services are always provided for EFB-driven operations.

Safety first: a safe operation is only possible by strict compliance with regulation and providing crew with the right information, at the right time. Our processes are IOSA compliant, so you can rest assured we take this seriously.

Lean: a cost-efficient solution should not overlook the need for continuous improvements. And we mean by this that we not only take internal actions for that, but we support you on achieving it as well.


September 2019

October 2019

December 2019

18 February 2020

1 March 2020

The idea of a fully remote company, focused on solving some of the main struggles of startup and small operators to compete (and survive) during its first years of operations, is born.

The business model is drawn and the process to open the company is decided. Estonia is the country of choice due to its innovative thinking and legal structure for remote companies.

Final steps for company opening is taken. 

We finally have a name! And a logo.

Curious to know the process for our name selection and logo design? Check this out ;)

Hello world! Simpfly OÜ incorporation is officially approved.

Our first contract is signed.

1535632654-img-4211 copy_edited.jpg

"We believe any company start from an idea, but it is built day by day from a collection of behaviors, values, and experiences that are consolidated by a team of people. So, without an aligned team with consistent procedures and values, a company cannot succeed."

José Rui Godoy


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