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Simpfly signs partnership with Wader Aviation for Airport Briefing services

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Simpfly has signed a partnership agreement with Wader Aviation to integrate their authoring tool into Simpfly’s Airport Briefing services.

Wader Briefing is an online platform designed specifically for the management of airport briefs that goes much beyond current static information provided usually as a mix of text and images (if any) within operator’s Operations Manuals Part C (OM-C):

“We see Wader Briefing as the next-generation solution to empower pilots with relevant and up-to-date aerodrome information in a constantly changing (and challenging) environment. With it, we are now able to provide our customers with multimedia content, dynamic statistics and instant updates, improving situation awareness and allowing better decision making.” – pointed out Jose Godoy, founder and CCO of Simpfly. “And, for those opting to provide crew with Wader mobile application, their pilots are able to access the briefs from any device, make personal notes and report suggestions and corrections directly from the brief itself.”

“We are glad to see Simpfly as our new partner to provide their Airport Briefs services through our platform. Wader Briefing will certainly allow them to reduce time and cost to keep their briefs up-to-date. Our mobile application makes pilots life much easier and we are certain that their customers will love it.” – Antonio Ferraz, co-founder and CEO of Wader Aviation.

Counting with a skilled team of Flight Operations Engineers, Simpfly provides a comprehensive range of highly specialized services in Flight Operations. Their Airport Briefing service is provided as an integral part of their all-in-one EFB Omni™ solution, but also as a separate subscription service, and currently covers over 300 airports worldwide.

About Wader Aviation: Wader is an innovative company based in Dubai, UAE, focused on the development of aviation applications, including Wader Briefing, Wader Logbook and the disruptive Wader App for Threat and Error Management (TEM), currently available at Apple Store.


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