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Simpfly supports new developments in Turkey with ad hoc aircraft performance studies

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Simpfly has been selected by Yerlegök, an aviation consultancy company specialized on aeronautical studies, to support them with Aircraft Performance analysis for the approval of new developments in Turkey.

New development projects close to aerodromes require detailed Safety Risk Assessment analysis, including all-engine and engine-out scenarios to evaluate the threats and potential impacts of the new obstructions on the aerodrome operations, in accordance with local regulations (EASA AIR OPS) and ICAO standards (such as Annexes 6, 14, 19 and Docs 8168 and 9859).

We selected Simpfly to help us with their aircraft performance knowledge for some projects in critical areas, as we were impressed with their background. We appreciate their quality and care, which are reflected in the reports being accepted and praised by our local authorities, both civilian and military.”, Seyfettin Özyurt, General Manager of Yerlegök.

Counting with a skilled team of Flight Operations Engineers, Simpfly provides a comprehensive range of highly specialized ad hoc aircraft performance studies, all customizable according to customer needs, including EOSID and Escape Routes design, Route Studies, Aircraft Feasibility, Airport Risk Assessment, and optimization projects, such as Cost Index and Fuel Efficiency implementation.

About Yerlegök: Yerlegök Aviation ( is a Turkish aviation consultancy company based in Ankara and established in 2017 to serve the growing aviation sector in Turkey, especially on flight safety and aerodrome standards.


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