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Simpfly Escape Routes enhances safety of Ayit Aviation and Tourism, and Jordan Aviation operations

Simpfly has been selected, through its partnership with 3Green Aero, to provide Escape Routes to two new customers in the Middle East: Ayit Aviation and Tourism, and Jordan Aviation.

If an airplane experiences an engine failure or a loss of pressurization during cruise (in-flight), consequently loss of altitude occurs, which can be a potential issue on mountainous areas, so a study of these scenarios must be conducted prior to operating new routes over these areas and, in case of constraints, to be published as escape route (following driftdown and depressurization procedures).

Escape Route Map example

Simpfly offers the design of escape routes to cope with operator’s local regulation and standard procedures, including periodic revision of procedures due to Navigation data changes to make sure crew has always access to up-to-date charts.

For airlines and operators that do not require a full support through Simpfly EFB Omni™ solution, but still need ad hoc support on Aircraft Performance services, Simpfly provides a comprehensive range of specialized studies as part of the Specialists On Demand service.

About Ayit Aviation and Tourism: Ayit (ICAO: AYT) is an Israeli domestic airline established in 2008, based in Beersheba. Its fleet of ERJ-145s is used for domestic and international flights, both scheduled and chartered.

About Jordan Aviation: Jordan Aviation (ICAO: JAV) is a Jordanian airline established in 1998, based in Amman. It operates worldwide charter flights with a mixed fleet of A320s, B737s, A330s and B767s.

About 3Green Aero: 3Green ( is an Airline Operations Support & Aviation Consultancy based in Sofia, Bulgaria, providing a comprehensive range of flight operations support services and airline start up solutions to streamline operations, increase efficiency and improve safety standards.


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